Podcast Launch Checklist


Stop overwhelm and FINALLY launch a podcast to increase visibility, build your authority and get more leads & clients!

  • Top 10 Things You Need To launch Your Own Podcast Show Guide

  • Step By Step Launch Sequence

  • Printable/Fillable 1 Page Checklist 

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Get out of overwhelm,

cut out the guesswork and

launch your podcast quicker!

Take The Confusion Out  Of Podcast Launches

  • Where Do I Start?

  • This is a common question. Prevent postponing your launch, and save time and money by knowing NOW what you truly need. 

  • What Steps Are Involved?

    Understand all the moving pieces ahead of time, such as graphics, audio, where to distribute and more. The more you know ahead of time, the easier the process with less hiccups, errors and headaches! 

  • What Order Do I Implement The Steps?

    There is a certain order that takes place for a launch. Learn what steps you must do WHEN to save time, stress and embarrasing mistakes.  Plus - get your podcast out faster! 


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